learning to love ourselves

have you forgotten who you are thru the yers? are you lost and confused? have you neglected yourselves, because you have given way too much  of yourselves to others?


now is the time to start filling yourselves back up with the energy of the universe. get the god awareness, feel that love from it. it renews our souls.


since we are all organic beings on this planet, start eating better, exercising, and work to obtain that good balance of health and well being that we call the homeostasis of life.


meditation is a very good way to connect with our higher selves, as well as getting into yoga by any body of water. water is a good conduit of energy.


next on our list is the unblocking of our hearts, release that old fear, the ones that have held you prisoner way too long from your hearts desires, freedom, love, happiness. and abundance.



the most important factor in all this is the ability to start loving yourselves.  then you will feel whole again....


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