Learning To Say "No"

I would imagine I'm not alone in thinking there's not a whole lot of the word "no" being directed at newborn babies. But who knows, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there are some moms out there who lay down the law about wrong and right behavior from the get-go. I mean, we do that with puppies, don't we?

My son Mylo is almost 6 months old and he is beginning to do things that require the word "no" become more common place in my vocabulary and yet I am finding that word difficult to say.

Case in point. Just now as I sit at my desk typing away on my laptop, Mylo dragged himself off of his playmat and army-crawled his way to the basket full of our dog's chewed up and dirty dog toys. I watched as he lifted himself into a half push-up and reached with one hand out hoping to dip the corner of the basket toward himself. I called out "NO" and he froze with his hand in the air. He then cocked his head in my direction and shot me one of those infallible smiles that makes my insides melt. He was waiting for me to light up in response. I'll be honest, I almost failed right there. It took every microscopic muscle in my face to refrain from smiling back.

I can see where it's going to get more challenging. I can see already where I am going to have to become more comfortable with saying and using the word "no," and yet I question my abilities to not just say it, but mean it.

Are there any veteran moms out there who have tips on teaching babies about wrong and right behavior? If you found it hard, as I do, do you now say the word "no" with ease and confidence?

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