Learning to Swim

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[Editor's Note: Any parent (or aunt or uncle or grandparent) who has taught a child to swim has watched the new swimmer get a little cocky and sink before they mastered the skill. Chrissy at Traveling Light not only describes that moment with her son but likens it to how we as adults often get a little cocky in our lives as well. She makes a valid point! -Jenna]

Life Jacket:

Learning to swimIt was as if a life lesson was just being demonstrated right before my eyes. When Gabriel began to mess with the buckles on his life jacket, in a way that I knew he didn't want to wear it anymore, I decided to go ahead and let him take it off. I placed the jacket aside, and I held on to him as we played in the water.

But that's not what he wanted. He didn't want to be guided with my help. He didn't want to wear the one thing that would keep him afloat.

So very briefly I let go, and very quickly he went under the water.

Continue reading to see how we adults are often like kids learning to swim.

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