Leaving the Kids for BlogHer '11: What If He's Fine Without Me?

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It's officially the week of BlogHer '11. That means all of those attending who have children and aren't bringing them along are gearing up to leave our beloved little ones behind. The break will be great, of course. No cutting up someone else's meat. No reason to not have a cocktail -- or three -- with lunch. Uninterrupted sleep. But there's always that longing, the question if they're okay, the pit in your stomach.

I've read many a post over the past few weeks by moms who are sharing their misgivings (and joy!) about leaving the kids behind for the conference. Amber's post at Strocel.com had such a loving, touching tone to it, that I thought sharing it as a representation of what we're all dealing with as moms would be helpful for all. Don't forget to head over and leave her a comment about how you're feeling, too!


TakeoffWhat if Jacob cries and cries for me while I’m gone? What if he cries more at night because Jon doesn’t hear him? What if he doesn’t go to sleep, or doesn’t go back to sleep, without my bellybutton to poke? What if he thinks I’m never coming home? And then, there’s the biggest question of all: what if he’s totally fine?

(Do you hear that sound? It’s deafening silence.)

Here’s the thing – in spite of my raging babylust, which really only gets worse by the day, Jacob is likely my last baby. And a part of me – maybe even a big part of me – needs him to need me. Because if he doesn’t (or, more precisely, when he doesn’t) then it means that chapter of my life has ended. I no longer have any babies. And then what?

Continue reading, especially if you're leaving your kids behind this week too!

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