Several people congratulated me on my recent "retirement" and I consistently corrected them by saying I am not retiring. I admittedly was not expecting folks to describe my resignation from a company as retirement. I understand most people were looking at the amount of years spent with a company and equated it to retirement. I heard a minister say if you look at the word retire it gives a full description of the word. He stated RE-TIRE is to become tired all over again. Oh no who wants that? I know re-tiring is not for me as I have no intentions of being tired and exhausted again. I've spent almost twenty-nine years existing within the confines of State and Federal regulatory guidelines. Some days I felt as if I couldn't breathe there was so much cramped and stuffed in a given day. Now is the time for me to live my passion and do what I enjoy. Now is the time for me to breathe. I love sharing the message of hope with others and providing assistance. However, I will not allow feelings of being cramped and stuffed to be part of my life experience. I will leave space in my life to breathe and it feels wonderful!

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