Leesa Rowland and Lisa Gaye from Two City Girls. Vegan, Video, Fabulous

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BlogHer: If you had to articulate why you're a vegan (and others should be) in one sentence, what would it be?

Leesa: My go-to argument is this: The lives of animals are more important than my appetite.

There's plenty to eat without eating animals. Plenty to wear without wearing animals. It's the compassionate choice.

Lisa: It leads to a sweeter life.

Elisa (couldn't resist adding mine, especially given that my name fits right in!): I (and all humans) do not *need* to eat animal products to thrive, and if it is more kind, more eco-friendly, and more healthy to not do so, why on Earth would I?

Thanks to the Two City Girls, Leesa and Lisa, for the fun chat and their words of vegan wisdom. Happy World Vegetarian Month!

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