Leftovers Bento

Last week I made a big batch of these savory little hand-held pies. We've been obsessed with these things lately...flaky pockets of happiness just waiting to be eaten. We can't quite decide what to call them yet. They do have actual NAMES, they're just not names we're necessarily wanting to use (considering that we're kind of perverts around here). In most of the world, they're called pasties (PAST-ees, not PASTE-ees...we're talking food here, not boobie tassles). Of course...the above confusion makes us giggle like prepubescents, which makes associating with more mature members of society a little embarrassing. So then we started calling them meat pies...but considering Miss Girl's are actually vegetarian and don't contain any meat at all...you see the problem. So I was calling them hand pies until a good friend pointed out to me that the fascinating combination of the words "hand" and "pie" may not be the best thing if you're already prone to inappropriate bursts of laughter and blushing. It may actually confuse people who are less dirty-minded. So for this post, at least, I'm calling them "savory pies." 

Whatever they are, they are delicious fresh out of the oven and reheat beautifully. We still haven't done a traditional beef and vegetable one yet. So far they've been stuffed with filling combinations from bacon cheeseburger to reuben to brownie cheesecake, and they've been mini, small, and large (we're not exactly "happy medium" people...one mouthful or three days' worth around here, please!). But we're in love with them. And so last week when I was making a bunch of great big reuben ones for adult meals, I made Miss Girl a few mini ones for her lunches. Hers have a combination of veggie bologna (the only kind of fake lunch meat our local Wal-Mart carries), provolone cheese, and homemade thousand island dressing, and a couple of them also have sauerkraut (she couldn't decide at the time whether she liked it or not...she's back and forth on this). 


For this lunch, she had a couple mini savory pies, some leftover snap peas and carrots (steamed and buttered), a couple little wheels of corn on the cob, and some grape tomatoes.


She also had an apricot and some cherries on cute little ring picks. She was super excited to be able to show off her jewelry at lunch time and then shock all the other kids by eating it. Ummm...they *may* have seen that trick before. Ring pops, anyone? But at least she was pleased.

And pleased she was! She ate all the tomatoes, most of the peas and carrots, one and a half pies, nearly all her fruit...but only nibbled at her corn. Oh well. Still not bad!


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