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Fifteen bloggers are sharing how much their children love the new LEGO® DUPLO® Read & Build play sets! Click on the posts below to read how much everyone enjoyed making story time come alive. On each post, share how you think LEGO DUPLO Read & Build play sets would help your child learn to read for the chance to win a $100 LEGO gift card!

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Reading Books and Building Blocks

So, the next time you are trying to figure out what to take to a birthday party, what gift to give at holidays, etc.~ you should definitely remember the LEGO DUPLO Read and Build sets. It is a wonderful way to engage pre-school aged children with a book storyline. It also helps them to learn to read! SCORE!...more
I've seen the commercials and think Hailey would totally love the hands-on aspect of ...more

Playing Means Learning

Kendall’s a recent fan of all things LEGO, having received his first set earlier this year. It’s amazing to see what his imagination can come up with when given just a box of colorful bricks. Really, it makes me want to get rid of half the toys we own that don’t inspire such creativity. The LEGO DUPLO Bricks & Book set has been a great way for me to work with him on his reading skills, pointing out and helping him sound out the simple words in the book, while keeping things fun for us....more

Read & Build – Grow, Caterpillar, Grow!

Throughout the afternoon, Anneliese played with the animals and looked through the book. The snail sat on the dining room table and watched her eat dinner, while the book actually ended up in bed with her tonight. I’m excited to see her build more, and to see where her imagination leads her with the LEGOs....more

Learning With LEGO

I really liked how building along the way encouraged him to stay engaged with the storyline. He liked having the LEGOS to play with after we were finished reading. LEGO DUPLO Read and Build would make a great gift for any preschool age child. You can't go wrong with LEGOS. We slid the book and pieces into the LEGO bag I made Rex a few years ago. Now it makes a great bring-along-quiet-toy....more
So excited My little is getting his first Duplo Book for for his 3rd Birthday.  This should hand ...more

I can do this!

Henry really enjoyed the book and building the plane and car. He caught on quickly and it was really fun to do with him!  At first he just wanted to do his own thing, but once he caught on that he needed to find the pieces in the picture and put them together the way it showed in the book, it became a fun game for him. It is a simple concept that is perfect for this young age, and I look forward to trying new books and sets....more

Multi-Sensory Learning with LEGO DUPLO

We started reading lessons a few months ago and as we get further and our lessons get longer, Elliot’s attention sometimes wanes. The BUSY FARM LEGO brick and book set is perfect because Elliot can practice his reading while he uses his hands. Learning through multiple senses simultaneously is so effective and combining sight, hearing, and touch is an amazing way to engage these busy little boy’s bodies and brains....more

Legos + Books = Duh!

A book with a step-by-step building process is gold. More than gold, though, the book is actually a great little gem all on it’s own. It’s not like one of those flimsy little books they add to toys as a way to market the toy as “educational.” This book could actually be sold on it’s own, independent of the building set. Both Bean and Gracie love to read, and they ate this one right up....more

As a Teacher and Reading Specialist, this product is AMAZING!

This is how it works: Each set of bricks comes with a book.  As you read the book, you put together the bricks to form figures that correspond with the book.  How cool is that?!  They allow pre-school aged children to engage with the book’s storyline to help them learn to read....more

As a mom, I love this toy

The girls actually asked me to read this story three times.  They had so  much fun putting together each vehicle and making them fly and race at  the end of the story.  Then they had just as much fun taking them apart  to start the story over again....more

Leaping Speech Blocks with LEGOS DUPLO Blocks

So we read about the farmer & his little farm animals & each page had a specific animal to put together for the story. It’s imagination & play & learning & building wrapped all in one. Harrison LOVED it. He lined up each block on the coordinating picture & then we’d say “Orange on bottom!” just like in speech therapy. Without even realizing it, homeboy was practicing & really nailing it....more