LEGO Pinata Tutorial

LEGO Pinata tutorial

LEGO Pinata Tutorial

Do you have a LEGO fan in the house. Let's get excited together and build excitement for the newest LEGO Movie. This LEGO Pinata is a sure win for an awesome LEGO Party. Make sure to check out other LEGO Party Ideas. Build the best LEGO Party with some easy to create ideas. Customize your party and have some friendly building competition! Remember an easy large LEGO decoration can be a wall of LEGO's made from plastic tablecloths purchased from Dollar Tree. Get one of each color and you will have a bright colorful wall.  

What you Need:

- Red Tissue Paper - Cardboard Box - Tape - Bungee  

How to Make:

1. Take an elongated box or if you are like me I used pieces from an Easter display box I got from Dollar Tree. Cut your pieces and tape together. Step 1 LEGO Pinata 2. Add your Bungee cord for the handle loop. Step 2 LEGO Pinata   3. Now that you have your bungee looped and secured attach it to the remainder of the box. Step 3 LEGO Pinata

Finish LEGO Pinata Tutorial


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