Lego Tears

As I toiled in the laundry room chained to the dryer attempting to match the pile of socks that were growing by the minute. My littlest came running down the stairs in tears. His heart once again broken someone had smashed his newest Lego creation to pieces. I held him tight and told him it would be okay.

It is with that I stopped what I was doing held his hand and we walked up the stairs to pick up the crumbling pieces on the floor.

I looked at him with a smile, "Lets try to rebuild it!"

He gave me a sad look, "I can't! It took me hours!""

"Well! What was it that you made?"

"It was a peace sign."

"A peace sign? What does it mean?"

"It means to live in a world without war."

I gave him an encouraging smile,"Lets try again."

He looked up "I suppose I could try."

I watched his little mind build and work out what he needed to do. He looked at the picture of a peace sign and began to rebuild with his Lego. It was a symbol he felt in his heart and was determined to show his teacher the next day at school.

He would slowly rebuild it. Only to have one piece break, another piece crumble to the floor, and the tears once again began to well up in his eyes.

I looked him in the eye, "Don't get frustrated you can do this!"

He gave a sigh and not too long after stood another peace sign.

He beamed with pride!

I looked at him "See I knew you could do it!"

Sometimes no matter how hard we work at something it will break or crumble. The most important thing is to wipe away the tears and try again. It's when you have picked up the pieces, attempting to rebuild, that you can create another master plan.

My only wish for our future is that they see a world one day focused on peace. The only way this dream will come to fruition is if we learn to pick up the crumbling pieces of our own world.

Have you ever been brought to tears when something you have worked on crumbles? Do you pick-up the pieces and start over?


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