Legos and the Child Psyche, Explained

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For the past few weeks, we've left the Legos out in the living room on a card table. It's a little like peeking into your child's psyche. Recently, one of my college roommates and her three boys came to stay for a few days and contributed some flair to the Lego board. I'm not sure who did what, but taken out of context, it's both terrifying and awesome.

Welcome to the Cafe.

lego cafe

I'm here to take your order. Or stab you with my Dexter-like combination of knives. I haven't decided yet.


In Case You Thought Everyone Got One

lego trophy

I'm not sure if this is a church or an altar or a trophy case. I think we might need to observe a moment of silence, regardless.


We're Very High-Tech Pirates

lego pirate

Just your usual marauding pirate steering his gold-laden boat with a Pac-Man console from 1984.



lego pirate house

I'm enjoying the combination of the pink banners, the carefully tended flowers in pots, the skull and the passed-out bearded man.



lego pirate ship

Pirate essentials: machine guns and hand lotion.


Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

lego abraham lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, assisted by Buffy.


Don't Get Too Comfortable

lego crocodile

Jebediah always said, "Oh, he won't hurt me. He loves me."


Lost and Found

lego bathroom

You'd be surprised where some people get their best legal briefs written.


Size Matters

lego dog and ball

Fifi wasn't quite sure how to play with her new toy.


Morning After

lego party

The after party raged until the wee hours, but Roscoe insisted since he won all the ribbons, he didn't have to return the kegs.



lego hot tub

Despite what it says in the brochure, the hot tub is never full.


In a Minute

lego pool

Stella knew she needed to do aqua aerobics, but she thought she'd just rest her eyes for a minute first.

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