Lemon Zest Melt Aways. Be Still My Heart!

I like candy.  There, I said it.  And I love fresh lemons.  So why not combine these two tempting tastes into one simple, easy to make little sweet?   

From start to finish, these lovely little rounds should only take you about 20 minutes to make, possibly less.  There's no cooking involved, so you can be indulging your sweet tooth in a matter of mere minutes.  Divine.

The only question is this:  Does the vitamin C from the lemon make up for the calories of the powdered sugar?  Hmmm...let me know what you think!

Lemon Zest Melt Aways
1  Pound powdered sugar
1/3 Cup corn starch
4  Ounces unsalted butter
1  Teaspoon lemon extract
Zest from one large lemon
2  Teaspoons fresh lemon juice
5  Teaspoons milk

1.  Use an electric mixer on the low setting to combine all ingredients.  Keep mixing until you can see it start to come together and cling to the paddle.  If needed, you can add more milk, teaspoons at a time, but be careful not to add too much.  The mix shouldn't be sticky.
2.  Use a rubber spatula to remove all the candy from the bowl, place it on a clean board and pat it into a round.  Use a rolling pin to gently roll it flat, about 1/4 in thick.
3.  Use very small cookie cutters to punch out the candies, use a metal spatula to remove them from the board.  Place on a metal sheet lined with wax paper to dry for 24-48 hours. Store in the fridge for several weeks, or freeze for longer storage.

Jennifer Ranger

www.FoodWacky.com    www.KattywompusPublishing.com


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