Lemonade and Zombie Party

Make lemons into lemonade is the recurring theme of my life the last couple of months. The ongoing saga of injury and athletic pursuit as well as the ebbs and flows of my personal life have been written here a few times. There is nowhere to look but forward so I try my hardest to make the best of situations. Last Saturday, I could have sulk over the disappointment of a cake that did not turn out as pretty as I hoped. It tasted great but less than photogenic was considered much too kind of a description. See for yourself.

Plum Kuchen: Not So Photogenic

When I first unmoulded this upside down plum kuchen, “gory” was my first thought. Glistening bumpy pink background with blisters of red reminded me more of open wounds than baked goods. I almost put away my camera in disgust. I looked at my cringe-worthy cake with pity every time I passed by the kitchen and then it suddenly dawned on me. This fleshy looking dessert would be a most appropriate addition to any zombie-themed party. This called for a celebratory swig of lemonade.

Zombie Dessert Party


Zombie theme baking is nothing new at this blog. Both my Wave From The Grave cake and Dismembered Fingers cupcake get their share of love every year when Halloween comes around. So why not add to this tradition by hosting a full out zombie dessert party? Three would make a buffet, right?

My cake began its life in a much prettier fashion. I overindulged my shopping instinct at the farmers market and brought home a big bag of early season Ontario plums. I could not get over the lovely shades of gold, pink, and red. The plums were juicy, sweet, and tart. Perfect specimen for baking! I carefully lined the bottom of the baking pan with sugar and plum halves. The buttery dough was left to ferment on top of the macerating fruit until it was lofty and airy.

Red Plums

I knew the plums would shrink after bathing in sugar for hours. But I certainly didn’t expect them to shrink so much or how their juice tinted the top of the cake pink. Visual distraction aside, I love the taste of this plum kuchen. The recipe was originally published by Gourmet Magazine and adapted via smitten kitchen. Such tender buttery taste from a properly leavened airy yeast dough. The tartness of the plums balanced with the mildly sweet cake for a treat equally at home during breakfast or tea time. Better yet, a zombie-theme tea party!

If only I come up with a clever idea of a drink then I’ll be all set to send out the invitations.

Plum Kuchen: Not So Photogenic


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