Hey readers! It's my favorite day of the week, another Story time Sunday! I'm posting yet another poem since I'm running into some creative blockage on the new story I'm working on, not to mention the computer difficulties. If you like poems by Edgar Allen Poe, then I hope you recognize where I found my inspiration for this poem. Enjoy!


Black is the night which summons him.
It hides the raven as it flies.
The wind beneath its wings whisper to him;
a name from a past that has not been forgotten;
that which brings memories of a deceased love.

A fire crackles low, giving an eery glow.
It casts shadows which dance along the walls.
They mock him as the raven whsipers to him.
The name which he cannot utter.

He searches outside his chamber door,
a tapping which tests his resolve.
Nothing to be found in the shadows,
that lie outside his champer door,
and yet he is forever haunted by the name;
the name that is whispered in the dark,
a love once lavished and now is lost.


Thanks for reading everyone! It's not my normal type of writing, but I do think it's a decent poem for going out of my comfort zone. Feel free to give me opinions and critics, I welcome them. Thank you for being faithful and keeping up with my posts!!! Until next time, readers. :)

-R.R. Hayden

"The night is long that never finds the day." - Shakespeare


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