Lesbian Bed Death

My partner and I have been together for almost seven years. We have a 2 year-old child. Last year, she decided to have an affair. It took place over a span of six weeks, and went on with someone who was supposed to be our friend. It all happened right in front of my face. Even after I voiced my concerns, she told assured me nothing was happening between them. I was a fool.

Now, eleven months later, I have completely lost interest in sex with my partner. I do have a sex drive, although my libido has always been kind of low. But I want absolutely nothing to do with sexual intimacy with her, either to give or to receive. I just feel dead on the inside.

I don't know if what I'm feeling is because of the affair, or if it's because we've been together for a while and this is just what happens to couples after a few years, or if it's because of my depression meds, or if it's the stress of raising a baby, or what. I asked her to consider a temporary seperation so that I can get my thoughts together, see where I stand, but she will not agree to it. I love her, but I am driving myself crazy trying to figure out if I am in love with her...I just feel so dead on the inside. I don't know if some part of me is holding back on purpose, or what. I just know that I feel awful and I can't keep going on like this much longer.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? How did you handle it and how did it turn out for you?


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