Polly Pagenhart

I work now as Conference Programming Director at BlogHer, but the bulk of my professional training and experience has been in education and editing. 

I began working with writers as a peer writing tutor and writing workshop leader as an undergraduate, and went on to teach a half a dozen years' worth of college writing classes as a Ph.D. student in American Studies.  After graduate school, I returned to my undergrad alma mater to head up the Writing Program where I'd initially cut my educator's teeth.  Around about this time (over a dozen years ago) I also began to freelance as an editor, primarily of academic prose.

I've published essays in academic journals (Feminist Teacher) and anthologies (Tilting the Tower, Routledge, 1994) as well as nonacademic ones (Parenting magazine and the anthology Confessions of the Other Mother, Beacon, 2006).  I've been publishing my own blog, Lesbian Dad, since 2006, and contribute elsewhere online mostly at BlogHer.com and Lesbian Family. I have not yet and don't plan to abandon my search for le mot juste, and am really delighted to be able to share this passion with BlogHer attendees.