Lesbians in Blue

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I try to keep things light. I use this space to remind myself that policing has funny moments and it helps me de-stress. Sometimes though, I need to rant. So here’s that rant Suzie Ivy style.

Small towns notoriously live off rumors. It doesn’t matter if they are hurtful or so farfetched as to be unbelievable, they will never stop.

Small Town now has its second female officer. I was the first so we are definitely progressing. Denise Bullock is twenty-five years old, a divorced single mother and a wonderful officer. There has been a rumor floating around town that she is a lesbian. I’m being asked about it constantly and defend her whenever I have the opportunity.

This made me think…why am I defending something that is no one’s business? Do I care who she sleeps with? If she was a lesbian would it make her an incompetent cop? No and no.

I think Officer Bullock’s rumor started because she works hard and then goes home to be with her two small children. She mows her own lawn and repairs her own plumbing. Right now she seems happy in her life without a man. Go figure, she must be gay.

I don’t care if my back up officer sleeps with men or women. I love them because they put their life on the line, protect our town and protect the officer beside them. There are many gay men and women in policing. I am honored to serve with you.

I also extend this to our servicemen and women in the military. Thank you for risking your life for our great country. May God bless and keep you safe. (End of rant).

On the lighter side, Officer Bullock has one failing. She killed an emu her first week on the job. It had escaped from its pen and was running the streets of Small Town. Calls were coming in left and right, an emu had run amuck.

Officer Bullock was in trouble. The academy sadly lacks training in Emu capture. They also don’t explain that they are delicate birds and die easily when stressed. The poor bird dropped dead about a mile into the chase.

All Officer Bullock could say was, “I swear I didn’t shoot.”

Tweedy Bird is now her nick name.

Welcome to Small Town Officer Bullock. May the rumors fly because that poor dead bird never will.

Detective Ivy signing off

P.S. I know emu’s don’t fly. It just sounded good!


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