Less Pain, All Gain: A Few Simple Steps to A Great Wax



Getting a bikini wax is pretty much like a right of passage for women. It's a heavy choice to convert to a "bare" lifestyle and it is far from pain free! Waxing that area is a very sensitive project but by following a few basic steps you can not only make sure your..."Flower" is well tended to but also make the experience a bit less painful and taxing. 


Do your research.

You have to be careful where you get your waxes. No back alley nail shop, where they plop you on a table double dipping in the same wax they use for eyebrows and lips ! Some of these places don’t even have licensed technicians performing these services so be very careful! Check out their reviews and credentials. (personal favorite place to have my waxes done is my local European Wax Center.)


The Post Period Performance

Schedule your wax after your monthly visitor has finally packed up and left Kitty Land. The skin tends to be more sensitive near the time of your period and waxing can be more painful. Keeping your wax appointment 4 days before or after your period is scheduled to drop may take the edge off.


Bare It. 

Don’t apply any topical creams, lotions, or gels on the area the day of scheduled appointment. Your skin should be bare, besides the bush you’re bringing to be tended to.


A light round of exfoliation should be done a day before appointment to rid of any dead skin cells. A film free sugar scrub or an exfoliation mitt takes care of the job with out abusing the skin in that area.


Take a Chill Pill 

For those with a low tolerance of pain, taking an ibuprofen 20-30 minutes before your appointment will help manage the pain the kitty will be facing.

 Comfort Level

Wear lose fitting clothing like harem pants, or a maxi skirt along with comfortable underwear… (Or go commando like Me…ok TMI J)




NO Dancing on the Sun 

Don’t sunbath for the next two to three days post treatment. The skin is sensitive after a wax and needs to recoup.  I know you’d love to show off your well-manicured lawn to your neighbors, but keep it under wraps for a few days.

 Let it Breath 

Avoid using any products in the area besides ingrown hair serum till the following day. Letting the skin breath and adjust is important and applying product too soon can prove to back fire


 No mermaid stunts

NO swimming, hot tubs, or baths for the first 24 hrs

Scrub it Down

Gently exfoliate with a no film scrub two days post wax, and again two/three days post wax with an exfoliating mitt daily from that point on.


*2 to 3 days: No film Scrub

*Daily: Wash cloth/ Mitt scrub

NO Dry Kitty 

Keep area moisturized with a no film lotion such as Complete Smooth for Body


Now go forth and enjoy your well deserved and beautifully manicured Kitty Land.



 xoxo- Tallglassofstyle


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