One of my go-to snacks when I was trying to lose weight (I saying 'trying' because it wasn't working very well) was yogurt. What could be a better option than good old fashioned yogurt? It was low calorie, it was fat free, and it came in Red Velvet Cake flavor; as far as I was concerned I'd hit the diet food trifecta. After all, it was diet food. At least, that's what powerful advertising had convinced me. Need to curb a craving? Eat one of our yogurts. Got the late night munchies? Eat one of our yogurts. Want to lose those pesky pound? Well obviously, you should eat our yogurts. 

 It wasn't until a good friend, who happened to be a nutrition major, pointed out what I hadn't looked past the advertising to observe: sugar. And, when I took the time to notice, it wasn't just sugar. It was Sugar, and it was Asparatame, and it was Acesulfame Potassium, all blended together in one little pot of yogurt to make something 200 times sweeter than sugar could ever be alone. It turned out that those low fat, low calorie, cake flavor yogurts were anything but fuel for weight loss; each one was diet sabotage as my body tried to manage the sweetness overload.   

 The answer? After reading ingredient list after ingredient list I made the switch to Nonfat Greek Yogurt (and after trying every variety under the sun Fage is my favorite, which may, or may not, have something to do with the fact that I can buy it in a giant vat from Costco). It was definitely an adjustment to go from fake sugary-sugarness to plain old Greek Yogurt; the first time I ever ate any I was on Skype with my sister, choking it down, convinced that it was the grossest thing I'd ever eaten (I guess that's what fake sugary-sugarness will do for you). Tastebuds adjust though, and now I love the stuff. In-fact, now I can't bear the taste of those little pots I used to eat. 

 It's a simple change to make. It's a small change to make. If you want to lose weight, get rid of yogurts containing artificial sweeteners. If you want to lose weight, stop eating yogurts that have sugar listed as an ingredient. If you don't recognize an ingredient take the time to look it up, sugar has many names. If you want to lose weight, make friends with Greek Yogurt. Greek yogurt with cinnamon, Greek Yogurt topped with fruit, Greek yogurt with...whatever you like really- just not aspartame! 

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