Lessons from BlogHer12


Waring: This post will surely break all blogging etiquette. The structure of the post depicts the whirlwind trip of BlogHer: long, exhausting, and tangential. The wonderful thing about blogging; if you get bored you can move on, but I hope you will stick around for the end.


You may remember my post on How to Survive the Biggest Conference of the Year, BlogHer12. It was filled with links to posts written  by many of my favorite bloggers.  They educated on tips for packing, scheduling, creating business cards and dressing yourself for the conference.  The post helped me organize my thoughts and prepare me for the event, sort of. You see, no matter how much you try to anticipate what to expect at BlogHer nothing can mentally ready you for the adventure.  The unexpected is bound to happen when you spend four days in a big city with 4,000 + mostly female bloggers in a hotel.

So now that I lived to tell about BlogHer12, my best advice is to go with no expectations, embrace the experience and live in the moment. When are you going to get the chance to meet people that many people that "get you"?  The people that experience the same excitement you get when someone leaves you a blog comment or retweets your post.  The women who make up your blogging tribe.

After taking time to think about my BlogHer12 experience, I am finally ready to put the words and pictures together to share with you the unexpected moments that happened to me.

Lessons Learned from BlogHer12

1. Travel arrangements can make a fantastic trip even better or suck the life out of you.

My trip started on Thursday with an amazing bus trip from Alexandria, VA to NYC sponsored by Hershey's and Wal-Mart. Travel home from the conference with the bus tour was just as nice.  I am so thankful a seat on the bus opened up for me very last minute.  I know many bloggers who were experienced long flight delays and cancellations on the way home due to bad weather.  I was very lucky that my travel was uneventful.

 2.   Share the conference with fantastic roommates at the conference hotel.

I was on the fence about attending BlogHer12 for quite awhile, but when certain events fell into place I couldn't pass up the oppurtunity to meet many of my blogging friends.  My original plan was to room with three other girls. Right before we booked our hotel at a room about a mile away from the conference, one of the girls had to cancel her trip. The three of us managed to find two other girls who already booked a room at the Hilton.  The five of us had so many laughs throughout the weekend. Honestly my roommates made the trip that much better.  Not to mention, I can't even imagine having to go back and forth from the Hilton to an offsite hotel.  There was plenty of walking, standing and lugging of swag to tire me out.

Roommates from BlogHer12 Say to hi to my roomates: Top- me, Jennifer, Bottom- Jenny, Sarah, and Natalie Picture courtesy of Natalie After spending 4 days with these amazing women I felt like I have known them a lot longer. Together we experienced some great unexpected  moments.... Dancing at Sparklecorn wearing more sparkles than Lady Gaga at a red carpet eventBlogHer12 SparklecornSparklecorn bling

Exploring the Expo hallnatalie

Giggling over those ridiculous swag items that led to phrases like "I can't find my ______ (This is a family friendly blog. All those BlogHer attendees know exactly what I'm talking about).  Such phrases were uttered in elevators with unsuspecting non-bloggers looking at us as if we were drunk, when no in fact we were completely sober.

Jennifer packing up her swag

It was great to spend time with other blogging mom's, who are as social media addicted as I am. They didn't roll their eyes at me when I took a picture of my food or made a comment like "that would be blog post worthy".


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