Lessons from Christina: Drink Chia Fresca (and the Weekly Round-Up)

Here’s a quick tip I picked up from the 3-Day Intensive Study with Christina Pirello. Drink Chia Fresca!

Christina and her husband Robert are both athletes. Robert runs marathons and has a goal to run the Boston Marathon when he’s 100 (I think he’ll do it). It turns out that Christina and I were in the same women’s triathlon in Philadelphia a few years ago!

Enter the refreshing Chia Fresca. Robert makes one overnight but since I don’t totally love the texture of chia seeds I’m starting slow and following the recipe they provided which is quite simple: chia seeds, filtered water, lime juice and your sweetener of choice (in class they recommended brown rice syrup).

Chia Fresca for two

It was so hot last week. I prepared the chia fresca in a mason jar and chilled it in the refrigerator for about an hour.  I drank mine before working out and my husband–who actually really liked the fresca!–drank his post-workout.  I found it to not only be refreshing, hydrating and a great energy boost but to also satiate my hunger for a few hours. Which is a good thing because I needed time to make a big breakfast each morning.

Have you had chia fresca? If not, I really encourage you to try it — particularly if you are active/athletic.

Here’s a weekly round-up:

Monday: Vegan 101: Vegan Baking Made Easy
Tuesday: Coconut-Mango-Avocado Smoothie (and on quarrygirl.com: Vegan Field Report: Garden Cafe on the Green, Woodstock NY)

Curried Panko Crusted Fresh Green Pea Fritter

Wednesday: Lessons from Christina: Rethink Breakfast
Thursday: A light, quick meal on a hot, hot night
Friday:  Organic Avenue: A cool, raw lunch (and on quarrygirl.com: Vegan Philly Cheesesteak at Mi Lah: A Field Report)

Vegan Philly Cheesesteak

Saturday: Can I eat this yet? (A vlog question from the garden) (and on Vegan Maintream:  Weekend Blog Reads: JL Goes Vegan)

I also updated my books page so if you’re looking for a new cookbook or some summer reading ideas (vegan-related, natch), check it out!

Look for a new Vegan 101 post tomorrow!

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