Lessons in Language: 5 “Preferred” Terms for Recipe Writers

As an academic, English PhD, and food writer, I become increasingly overwhelmed by the little rules and facts that govern recipe writing as a genre. 

beautifully-infused ice cubes from Lockerz.com
Pictured: an image of beautifully-infused ice cubes from Lockerz.com (here).  I suggest a similar idea in my “Smiling Lemon Drop Ice Cubes” recipe (here).

At first, the recipe seems to be the easiest concept in the world to master: simply record ingredients and say how they’re prepared, right?

Well . . . sort of.

When I first started writing about food, nobody told me that recipes had set rules besides the ones I assumed I understood by regularly reading cookbooks.  Moreover, nobody told me that different print mediums—magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, books—all fall under different style sheets and rules depending on the publisher or market.  

Without going too much farther into my own experiences in print (and online) culture, here are “5 Preferred Terms and Standardization Rules Every Food Blogger Should Know.”

1.) Cheeses
2.) Confectioners’ Sugar
3.) “frost” versus “defrost”
4.) Ingredients List: Always Indicate Weight and Size
5.) Ingredients List: First Is Always First

To read more on each of the 5 terms and their rules in recipes see here-- Clearly Delicious  

Written by: Helana Brigman

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