Lessons Learned

Things I've Learned in 2012

1.  Before entering or exiting car, always check top of car for miscellaneous items you might have placed there for safekeeping. 

2.  Pretty much all hand gestures made while driving in a Wal-Mart parking will be taken offensively and you should be prepared to fight when making said gestures.

3.  When you find yourself cloroxing the dustpan it's time to admit crazy, put down the cleaning supplies, and declare the house sanitized.

4.  When asking your significant other to complete a task such as laundry, specifics must be discussed such as whether or not folding said clothes and/or putting them away is included in the task.  If you, instead, assume then you must also assume that this incident will (and rightly should!) be brought up in every fight for the next 7 1/2 months. 

5. If you plan on telling people you don't have cable/tv access or a microwave be prepared for violent/fearful/confused/angry reactions and try to be understanding to their feelings on this obscene matter.
And lastly (for this post)...
6.  Never, EVER turn your back on your 2 year old with crayons for longer than 0.7 seconds.


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