Lessons From My Brother

Today would have been my brother Mark’s 41st  birthday.  His life was taken from him last year just before his 40th birthday.  While we all miss him greatly, I want to take this day to honor Mark and his life.  Here are just some of the lessons he taught me… 

  1.  WORK HARD, PLAY HARD.  Mark always lived life to the fullest.  He wasn’t about to short change himself on the things that mattered most – his family, friends and everything that brought him happiness.  His mantra was to enjoy life now because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  This lesson is one I have deeply taken to heart.  It reminds us all to pursue our dreams and to do so in spite of fear. 
  2. LIVE WITH JOY.  Mark always rolled with a smile on his face.  His smile would light up a room.  Try smiling more – it’s contagious and will brighten your days. 
  3. ALWAYS SHOW KINDNESS TO OTHERS.  Whether a stranger or not, Mark was kind to all.  He went out of his way to help others no matter the situation.  Remember to live a little more selfless and see what greatness comes from it. 
  4. DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT OTHERS MAY THINK OF YOU.  Instead, focus on your own self-worth and all you have to offer others. 
  5. FORGET ABOUT IT.  I can still hear him saying this.  While talking to him about issues in life, he would simply respond with “forget about it” and remind you not to worry about the outcome.  Things usually work themselves out in the end.  When they don’t, ask yourself what you learned from the situation.    
  6. SOMETHING WORTH DOING IS WORTH DOING WELL.  Mark was a great woodworker and his work was always perfect.  If it wasn’t right, he would do it again.  That attitude carried over into all aspects of his life.  Whatever you’re doing, be engaged and give 100%. 
  7. HUMOR MAKES LIFE FUN.  Mark often played funny tricks on people. The lesson here is to fill your life with laughter and fun.  You’ll be amazed at what it can do for your soul.
  8. PATRIOTISM MATTERS.  He was proud to be an American and respected all who have given their time to defend this great country.  Freedom is not free.  Remember to thank a veteran next time you see one. 
  9. SHOP ‘TIL YOU DROP.  Okay, this one’s a little light hearted.  Mark had a closet that would rival any woman’s.  He had clothes and shoes galore.  In fact, he definitely had more clothes than me.  Ladies, I think that’s our cue to go shopping!  LOL
  10. KEEP JESUS FRONT AND CENTER IN YOUR LIFE.  He lived a life of faith and wasn’t afraid to show it.  If he could, he would remind us all that this is the most important lesson in life.  He is in heaven now and I can’t wait to see him again some day.  I know he’ll be waiting and ready with some eternal fun!  



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