Lessons in my first weeks of college

I have been busy, busy, busy with school. 


I LOVE it. I don't even care that some of it is hard (French). It just makes me that much more determined. 


Here are a few lessons I learned in the last two weeks:


-Always order your books well before school starts and make sure you don't need a code for an accompanying online program before buying them on Amazon. I bought mine a week before from Amazon and didn't get most of them until a week after school started. I also found out that half of them needed an online code, which only comes with new books. I ended up having to buy the code anyway (I couldn't until yesterday), which defeated the purpose of buying on Amazon which was, obviously, to save money. I also got behind on some assignments, which really irks me. 


-Don't ever assume there will be parking closer to your next class. I tried driving from class to class on my first day. Not only was I risking getting a ticket because everyone has designated parking, but the parking is so bad that I should have kept the spot I had and walked - fast. I was almost late for my classes because I was having to circle the entire campus to find another parking space and ended up having to park even further away than I was in the first place.

-Just because I haven't been in school for forever, doesn't mean I'm a complete moron. I'm keeping up with everyone just fine - so far. 


-Always keep an umbrella, rain boots, and a rain coat in the car. I walked into my third class yesterday looking as though I had taken a shower with my clothes on; shoes, hoodie, white t-shirt, and all. It. Was. Pouring. And my classes are far apart. As I was walking through what could have easily been a tsunami, all I could think about was that scene in Forrest Gump when he was talking about the rain going down-ways, up-ways, side-ways.... Yea. There was no escaping it. I had the hood of my hoodie over my head, which was doing nothing. I held onto the bottom of my backpack straps and hauled ass. I was splashed by cars driving by, I stomped through deep puddles, and when I finally reached my car (I cheated. I couldn't walk the entire way. And luckily - there was parking at my next class) the rain switched directions and slapped me right in the face. I couldn't see the handle to the car. Finally, after scrambling around and cracking the hell up, I got into my car and continued to laugh for a minute. I finally got to my class and squeaked, shoes completely soaked, all the way to my chair. It was funny until the cold air conditioning began to induce hypothermia. No thanks. Next time I will be prepared. 


-Learning a new language is harder than it seems. Especially when you haven't even taken an English class in forever. FYI (for anyone who isn't already aware), college English is nothing but writing papers, which I'm totally cool with and doing really well with so far. However, if you are like me and have forgotten what is what in a sentence (pronouns, nouns, verbs, etc..), be prepared to relearn that on your own to make another language make sense. The day my professor covered these things, I kinda wanted to leap out of the nearest window. It's so embarrassing to admit, but to me, it was gibberish on top of gibberish. I came straight home and have been studying this crap ever since. Luckily, relearning the parts of a sentence wasn't that difficult. Just had to refresh. And I'm starting to get the French stuff. My accent is atrocious, but at least I know what I'm saying. Ha!


I've made a promise to myself that I would never be too busy for my blog. So, this is me taking a break from my homework to write in it. However, I have way too much to do and I must get back to it. 


Au Revoir!


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