Let the Festivities Begin!

All of human history has been marching forward to this moment. The stars have aligned. The tea leaves have been read. The Internet invented just for this event awaits. It is time. SunbonnetSmart.com is about to become a Featured Money Blogger on www.BlogHer.com.

Sunbonnets all over the world are talking about the latest:
SunbonnetSmart.com is the Featured Money Blogger for
Christmas Week, December 25 - 31, 2011!

Left Sunbonnet: Goodness! Have you heard the news? The BEST web site in the world, Sunbonnet Smart, has been selected to be the Featured Money Blogger on www.BlogHer.com.

Right Sunbonnet: Oh my! Well, you know what THAT means!

Left Sunbonnet: No, what?

Right Sunbonnet: Well, Sunbonnet Smart loves to share and every time good things happen and abundant energy flows in...why, you just watch, the web site will be giving something away to show gratitude!

Left Sunbonnet: What!?!? To us!?!?

Right Sunbonnet:  Yes! To everyone who visits SunbonnetSmart.com on that internationally renown women's forum www.BlogHer.com or who visits www.SunbonnetSmart.com itself.

Left Sunbonnet: When?

Right Sunbonnet: Why, all this week! Starting tomorrow, there will be a free PDF download of one of the new Bargain Products that Sunbonnet Smart is introducing into the Sunbonnet Bargain area of the web site. But, each download will only be available for free for one day. Then, the next day, another PDF will be given away. So, basically, you're going to have to put aside EVERYTHING else you planned on doing during this holiday week to make sure you get all of the PDFs before they switch.

Left Sunbonnet: Wow! I'm going to get in on that!

Right Sunbonnet: Yeah, who wouldn't. Be there or be square...

Left Sunbonnet: I know I'll be running to the computer first thing Christmas morning...forget the tree...

We now return you to your regular programming.


NaBloPoMo 2011


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