Let Freedom Ring...(on your cell phone)

Do you realize how lucky we are, I mean you have some kind of device whether it be a computer, a tablet or a phone with which to read this.  You have the luxury to read a blog!  I have the luxury to write one.

Remember when you used to read books?  I remember when I used to write them.  I remember the library and doing research projects from books, encyclopedias and microfiche. (Do you remember before spell check when you had to learn how to spell words like "microfiche?")  Do realize that google has now replaced the Dewey Decimal System?  Our kids may never hear of Dewey and his goddamn decimals that no one really understood in the first place!  Or the godforsaken card catalog!   

I mean it's not exactly the Jetsons around here...It's not Paradise up in this joint we call America but it's comfortable enough that we get Internet service in our cars for goddsakes.  Surfing the net while driving is now as common as drinking and driving.  There are probably more people addicted to the Internet than alcohol.  What does it all mean?

We live in 2014.  Come one people, there is at least less obvious slavery (although sex slavery is still rampant), women are free enough to at least say they are not free, and we have toilets.  I mean I'm dead serious, go to countries where they don't have enough toilets and you will know what I'm talking about.  The biggest luxury you have is under your ass.   

I used to read books in school about history.  In fact I once had an American history teacher who would come dressed in costumes like characters from the past. I think when she dressed up like a Ku Klux Klan member she got fired, that's what I heard.  She at least didn't try to come in Black Face, or as they call it on SNL, African American Face.    

It's the Fourth of July, which makes me remember that I'm lucky to live in the United States.  I mean I love and hate it, with all it's curves and imperfections.  But let's be real if I grew up in India what would they have done with a person like me?  I would either be married with five children or stuck in an insane asylum or both. 

Speaking of crazy, do you remember when Alanis Morisette recommended walking around naked in your living room?  Those are the kinds of songs American radio stations play people.  Come on, there was even a parental advisory sticker on Alanis's CD.  Remember CD's?  Remember before the Internet where someone could actually stop a kid from buying a CD with a parental advisory labels on it?   Remember when in America controversial music was a problem parent's used to worry about instead of school shootings?

Speaking of memories, I try to remember all the T.V. shows I was not allowed to watch as a kid and did anyways.  Fame and the Love Boat.  I'm also lucky because hands down we have the best T.V. shows in this world in America.  Have you ever seen an Indian Soap Opera?  Desperate Indian Housewives take drama to a whole new level, they can seriously back stab a bitch with their bindi's and sari's all in impeccable shape.  

I don't watch that much T.V. anymore, but sometimes I miss it.  In fact I was at dinner the other day with some friends and there was a discussion as to what "Sex in the City" character each one of us was.  I was labeled as Samantha unanimously.

I take it is a compliment believe you me, but I don't buy it.  I mean she was bold and sexy and all that and a bag of chips!  I would love to say I'm like her...but I'm not as bold.  I wouldn't walk around my living room naked.  Or would I?  

What I think is interesting about this whole thing is that Samantha was the quintessential American.  Maybe I'm like her because I say outrageous things.  I mean I tend to say what's on my mind. Shocking statement, I know... if others think I'm like hot and sexy Samantha than good for me!  Am I ready to walk around naked in front of the world?  Not so much...perhaps that is the Indian in me. 


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