Let it fly-

afternoon lovelies,

guess who had to revamp thier blog because she forgot her password? that's right-me. 

anyways this is basically starting a clean slate. scary, might I add. when you lose your followers it seems like you've lost your foundation on a blogging site. regardless as of now i've been sitting on my bum on a train from the city to a town down south. 

(before i start let me thank you amtrak for allowing us to pick our own seats) Much appreciated on this 8 hour journey! 

as my train sits at the station in DC i decide to get up and take in the cigarette that's been poking my bum for the last few hours. i finish my last bit and decide to take in the DC weather, freezing might i add.  i love to be outside as much as i can-(i might dig deeper into the hiking adventures i've been on but that will be in upcoming blogs. ) i stand there and notice that as i'm making eye contact with everyone passing, nobody smiles. not even the young women that pass by me. granted, 3/4 of those people had thier noses in thier mobile phones but for god's sake watch where you're walking! 

as i sit and reflect on the business degree i am happening upon, my mind keeps flashing back to all of the older men im seeing on the train with phones in hand, ignoring the conductor when he comes by to greet. strange, me a 20 something year old chatting with the conductor while the old men have thier ears plugged up and eyes glued. my, how roles reverse. i start to think, am i going to be the unhappy man sitting on a train with a business degree with nothing to look forward to but going home to an unraveling 20 year marriage? i think when you hit that age creativity dies. i don't want that. 

i dont want to "go with the flow." i dont want to get up at 6:30 AM and be at work by 7. i dont want to have a staff meeting at 8. i dont want an hour lunch break. i dont want to waste hours in traffic going home only to have to wake up and do it all over again. this whole rethinking led me to think there is something so much more for me.  can you find happiness in a business degree? thoughts people. 



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