Let Me Get That For You...

I wish I had staged this photo. This really happens.

I can hear their wives ranting about it already..."Is it THAT hard to throw away the box when it's empty?"

It kind of makes me chuckle to think that someday my boys' laziness will be someone else's problem.  Their wives (or partners or husbands) will accuse me of coddling them and never making them lift a finger.  Well listen here you future, imaginary spouse!  I am constantly harping on them to clean up after themselves.  To bring their dishes to the sink after a meal.  To pick up the sports equipment strewn all over the yard.  To clean up the globs of toothpaste in the bathroom sink.  Constantly!  Constantly!  And to emphasize again...Constantly!  I have to remind them every time that the popsicle stick now stuck to the table will not walk itself to the garbage can.  That eating chips on the new couch is not allowed.  That the basement lights need to be shut off when they leave.  And you know what?  It can be a tad exhausting.  Particularly when you are trying to leave the house and everyone is waiting in the car in the driveway.  You know why I'm always the last one out of the house?  Because I'm running around like a whirling dervish turning off lights and cleaning up crumbs so we don't come home to an infestation of ants and a $900 electric bill.

When I saw these 3 empty boxes in the freezer today, I thought of you, my future something-in-law.  I'm doing what I can but I am losing this battle of accountability.  I will continue to try, but if their carelessness also becomes the bane of your existence, please try to focus on their good qualities; like their charming good looks, great sense of humor and their full head of hair passed down from their Great-Polish-Grandfather that will keep their scalp covered for eternity.  Oh, and tell him to call his Mom.


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