Let’s dedicate a full day to ourselves and go easy on cooking

Being a women is a really tedious task. You are expected to look like a beauty pageant winner, cook like a chef, clean like a maid etc. I mean, we have to juggle so many hats every day. We don’t get any weekly offs rather, weekends comes with different set of demand- cook something special for us.

This morning, I was planning the menu for the weekend and suddenly an idea stuck me. So, this weekend I am actually giving lot of time to my family and myself and applying all the heat codes in the kitchen. This means, I will be cooking all the quick and easy recipes which my family loves. This will be the win-win situation for all.

So here is the menu for this Sunday-

Breakfast:  I will be serving French strawberry toast in the morning with the ice-cream coffee shake. I personally think that it is ok to spoil your kids once in a while. My kids love this combination and I make this weekend breakfast for them once a month. This dish can be ready in 10-15 minutes which also includes the prep time. So, try this dish when you do not feel like getting up from your bed. You will definitely enjoy this dish as much as my family does. To get the recipe of this dish, click here.

Lunch- I am planning for a healthy lunch after spoiling my kids in the morning. This calls for a recipe, which has green vegetables in it and still loved by the kids. I have one dish which fits in this bill perfectly. I will be cooking BLT pockets in the lunch. BLT pockets gives us lots of room to experiment because one can put any stuffing/vegetables they want. You can even use any mayo/topping you want to use. There is no hard and fast rule for this dish. If you are a vegetarian, you can use cottage cheese in the stuffing as well. Get the recipe of this dish here.

Dinner-  Sunday dinners are not very special because since evening we all get Monday blues. I at times, don’t even understand that why people hate Monday so much? I mean I understand that we have to go to office, there will be 5 working days before the next holiday etc. But it’s just a day which will eventually pass. So, to make this gloomy Monday little better, I am going to cook something special in dinner. It’s a very creamy and delicious dish which perhaps will let you forget that next day is Monday. This is the dish of which you will lick your plat off. Click here to get this amazing recipe.

Do let me know what have you cooked on Sunday, perhaps I will also get some more ideas for easy cooking.

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