Sleep deprivation is all to common this time of year seeing as your kids come home from school with the most destructive illnesses around. It only takes one time missing out on that hand sanitizer before snack time and POW a family of five is out for a week as each member takes their turn in fighting the evil illness hour by hour and day by day. Currently this is my reality. After spending all day yesterday nursing my two older kids back to health my youngest starts feeling like crud at about 10pm. Thus, resulting in the whole 3 hours of sleep I got last night. Still having to wake up and get Mckayla and Quinton off to school on time the one cup of Folgers Carmel Drizzle Coffee is just not doing its job. Just as I say my goodbyes I am overcome by the thought of my electric blanket and  couch I am going to crash on any second. I quickly snatched my blanket from my room, sprint out across the front room as if I am being chased by a brain snatching alien. (Side Note: If you know me, and know me well you will realize how fast I was going because you know how much I even hate the word alien said in my house) The couch still in the distance I instantly become an olympic long distance jumper by taking great strides and then hurling myself over the back of the couch and finding my body cacooned in my warm blanket. Ahh..Peace and ……*creek…..door knob turns* as I peek over the back of the couch in the most covert way, I see my daughters door cracked open, one eye peeking out and all my hopes and dreams of even 15 minutes of peaceful rest blown into oblivion.

As parents we are already tired from normal daily routines, when you mix sickness and sleepless nights into that its amazing how much our spirit and determination kicks in to carry us through the days and*bonus* everyone is still alive in the process. Today is and will remain a battle for me to get through till those increadably powerful words leave my mouth “BED TIME”. One can only hope tomorrow will be better. I try to cope the best way possible, two options I always have to motivate myself are to #1 Find my cozy spot. My spot entails a small round table, blanket, coffee or hot tea, and my journal. I can sit and leave the house and dishes for later. Concentrate on what exactly is going on in the day and journal my thoughts. #2 Option is if I am really about to lose it and then I only need one man to solve these crazy thoughts and events from ruining not only my day but everyone else around me as well. God.  Often I will take my bible or devotional and engulf myself in his word and prayer, to realize that I don’t have it so bad. Too many times I find myself going through trials God has put right in front of me to see how I handle them. Sometimes I fail and sometimes I pass with flying colors. Yet the importance of it all is the main picture. While today I walk around like a zombie trying to keep my eyes open long enough to see if my youngest is getting into trouble, I am not saddened by the events of the last few days, I am reflecting on how I handled it and how that cute little snot nosed girl makes my entire world go round. What you may perceive as bad, can be life changing joy you can never replace, not even if you are only running on 3 hours of sleep.

This is my special spot…

My Special Spot


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