Let Sleeping Dogs Lie....or Stand....

I don’t know about you all and your dogs but mine does not sleep like I would think a dog would sleep. For example, his favorite sleeping position is with his back half on the couch and the front legs on the floor, and head on a hard surface.

Caddy is also obsessed with sleeping on pillows. Caddy does not realize he is a large 85lb German Shepard/Lab Mix and instead thinks he is a tiny little dog. He often sleeps above our heads (namely mine) and curls up around our faces. I have woken more than once with a mouthful of Caddy fur. Although, I think sometimes it is fine for him to sleep in the bed with me (when my husband is gone and he sleeps on his pillow) there has to be a line right? Eventually, I do want children and how is he going to react with “his” spot taken…Caddy, not my husband.

Caddy will sometimes go to the floor or sleep in the closet when it is a bit hot in the house. I have tried making his own spot with a blanket that he loves and I have made his little bed area but he prefers to co-sleep with mom and dad. I am not sure how to break this habit and any strategies I read about just seem sad as Caddy is such a superb cuddler. Am I softie? Maybe. Sometimes though, I just want my spot back and to not be suffocated by my dog.

It would probably help if I didn’t say “Awww” and kiss his little nose every time he curls up.


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