Let Your Dreams Fly

Sometimes it seems as if you have to work harder to keep your dreams from slipping through your fingers. You try to keep them close to your heart, but life often times get in the way. You've had to live in the real world for so long, that it's difficult to remember the joy you experienced from creating your dreams. Take a deep breathe and let go of the shell that surrounds your heart. You've been working so hard to protect your dreams so they don't completely disappear and you're left with nothing. You've kept them at bay for so long. Lift the veil and release them to the universe. Live your dreams, instead of hiding them away. It time to let them fly. 

Let's just walk for a little while...

(I have to think about this for a moment. I've been following the universal path for so long, I really do have to stop and think where I've left my dreams. This may be a perfect time to take a break and just pause for a moment.)



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