Let's Ban Black Friday

I love Thanksgiving.  It has become my favorite holiday of the year.  It's the day that everyone takes off, spends time with family and/or friends, and eats lot of delicious food with wild abandon.  There's no pressure to bring gifts, no stress of decorating, no need to find the perfect party.  Just family, friends, and food.

But then came Black Friday.  I've always thought Black Friday was silly.  Entering a mobbed mall the day after you've been just relaxing seems like an awful way to spend a holiday weekend, but to each his own.  But Black Friday is no longer Black Friday.  It now starts on Thanksgiving.   Because why wait till Friday to get that great deal when you can get it the night before?  Consumerism at its best.  And it's pissing me off.  Because now it means that people are leaving the Thanksgiving dinner table to contribute to this ridiculous greedy tradition.  And employees of these stores now have to work on Thanksgiving.  It's hard to be grateful for the things you have when you're expected to deal with these crazed customers and what has become the most stressful shopping day of the year. 

I like the American tradition of breaking the proverbial bread with friends and family and expressing what we're grateful for.  I hate the American tradition of forgetting what we're grateful for to find something better in a crowded store.  So this Thanksgiving, how about just leaving it at what it should be?  Being thankful.  That big screen tv will still be there next week.


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