Let's Build a Fort!



Today, we built a fort because doing anything in a fort makes it 10x more fun. I remember my version of a fort when I was young. My cousin and I would grab all the blankets we could find in the house. We would staple them to one side of the wall and let them hang over our beds making some sort of a triangular tent (yes, I said staple). We’d exchange Lisa Frank stickers for our sticker books, play pogs (am I dating myself or what), talk and laugh all night in our tent. Something about your own secret spot that makes the everyday things that much more exciting. All you need is a pile of blankets, some chairs, oh and a cowboy hat. 

Baby D using his muscles to move the fort pillars   a.k.a. chairs


Peeking through the fort windows 


Updating his Facebook status


Catching up with a good book


Talking cars...and that's when I get kicked out because there were no girls allowed! Boo!




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