Let's Celebrate National Women's Health Month

Women’s Health Month- One H.E.A.R.T Tibet


May is National Woman’s Health Month. My first thought for celebrating Woman’s Health Month was to research trends in women’s health and share my findings. However, during my research I came across a website called GoodTube that was celebrating Women’s Health Month by bringing attention to a number of amazing organizations that give health to women that wouldn’t otherwise have access to it.   I decided that this woman’s health month I would celebrate and raise awareness of women, particularly in third world countries, that don’t have the luxury of good health care and the people working to help them.

The first organization I would like to introduce is called One H.E.A.R.T Tibet. I saw two episodes of a show called “Profiles In Caring” highlighting One Heart on GoodTube.

One Heart saves women and their children in Tibet.  Tibet has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world, which isn’t surprising when 95 percent of Tibetan women give birth at home.  Another contributing factor, as discussed in the video, is Tibetan cultural beliefs.

Mothers are at risk when giving birth in these conditions. Postpartum hemorrhage, infection or obstructed labor can all lead to death during or after birth.  The loss of a mother is devastating to a family and the community. It is essential to improve birthing conditions to save the lives of mothers and their infants to preserve the culture of Tibet.

One Heart works to lower the infant mortality rate in Tibet by educating people in remote villages. I think it is great when organization sets out to help while also honoring the culture of the people they are helping. A program based solely on western beliefs wouldn’t have as much success in Tibet.  Also, I think it is great that One Heart works  to educate the Tibetan people, making them self sufficient and independent.

Here are a list of the One Heart Programs from the One Heart website

Skilled Birth Attendant TrainingThis program is held once a year for a period of three months and is available to villagers, township and county doctors, and other health workers holding various governmental positions. Program participants spend four weeks in educational training lectures followed by clinical rotations at four Lhasa hospitals. At the program's completion, participants return to their communities to provide services to pregnant women and their newborns.Pregnancy and Village Outreach Program in Tibet (PAVOT)One H.E.A.R.T. developed the program PAVOT (Pregnancy and Village Outreach in Tibet) in 2004. PAVOT is a family- and community-based outreach program in Maternal and Newborn Health (MNH). On the Tibetan Plateau, a major discrepancy exists with regard to life-saving information and care in the reproductive health area between the counties/townships and their respective villages/nomadic settlements. The objective of PAVOT, therefore, is to empower women and the wider community by giving them the tools necessary to help themselves for the purpose of preventing and resolving problems related to pregnancy and childbirth. PAVOT uses the network of village women leaders (Women’s Federation) to transfer life-saving skills and deliver safe mother- and babyhood messages directly to pregnant women and their families. Physician TrainingThis program increases the level of knowledge and skills of county and prefecture doctors in maternal and child health, through lectures and direct hands-on teaching. These skills enable them to address obstetrical emergencies and high-risk referrals.

I pose a question all women reading this today. What other organizations or causes have you read/ heard about that you feel need to be celebrated during Women’s Health Month?


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