let's chat about chatter

 Eat. Play. Sleep. Awesome Bed Head. Repeat. #photoaday
There are many words that get thrown around our house these days.

Car - not to be confused with cars which is in reference to the movie and NOT the millions of tiny cars all over the floors.
Mamma - usually yelled at full volume while standing at the bottom of the stairs holding his blankey. It's his loving way of checking in on me when he's 'lost' me.
TeTe - his abbreviation for Christy, my sister.
Wawa - which is either in reference to actual water because he's thirsty or the movie Finding Nemo. You can typically tell the difference based on the amount of whine he puts into it.
DaDa - I love it when he chatters on about 'my dada' as he puts it. READ THE REST OVER HERE

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