Let's Do the Time Warp Again!

The Time Warp by Karen Campos http://SuperParentMom.com

There are three boys that live in my home. First, there’s my husband, Technology Man, who is most always found looking at or holding onto some form of battery draining, attention grabbing, everyone needs me now technology. Second is my oldest son, who just turned ten, who can rearrange apps on his iTouch in ways I don’t even think Steve Jobs envisioned. On a fully loaded laptop he can run multiple windows of a game, rewrite the code and play against himself with the new version. He is also writing thousands of lines of Delphi code creating a virtual marble clock and watching while memorizing dozens of card trick videos on YouTube. Last, there’s my youngest son, who is almost four. He can manipulate multiple screens on a Netbook like a pro, toggling between Curious George on Amazon Prime, Super Why on PBS Kids, GoGoKabongo, and Starfall! He says he goes back to Google whenever he gets “lost.” Well, at least that’s logical, but coming out of the mouth of an almost four year old, it’s hysterical and unbelievable!

I am amazed at how many devices there are on the market now and how much is so easily available on them. Both good and bad. I believe technology is neutral, it all depends on how you use it. There is the iPod, iTouch, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Netbook and laptop. I am also aware of how much vigilance it takes for parents to oversee said devices! I think we do a pretty good job knowing where are kids are spending time, keeping devices in family areas of the home, and collecting them every night for charging far, far away. Here’s where we struggle. The Time Warp. Yes, that’s right! The time warp that occurs every single time technology is found in front of my boys. Any of the three of them. No matter whether it’s business, school or pleasure. “Ok mom, be there in a second.” “Sure honey, I’ll help after I answer this email.” “I’m almost up to level 17!” This is The Time Warp. They have absolutely NO idea how much time goes by while they are glued to the screens. None. Nada. Zilch.

Consequently, I now have digital timers that float from room to room and I am constantly giving reminders and warnings of transitions that WILL be coming when the timers ring! Yes, we really are going to the post office. Yes, the dentist really is ready for us. Yes, we really need to pick up your sister from school right NOW! Yes, dinner is ready. Yes, it really is bath time. It’s even harder when they are lined up together on the living room couch or at a table all sharing the same horizontal surface while breathing the same air but not necessarily interacting with each other. It’s how men bond I think. When they are so content, sometimes I will add a few minutes to the timer, just to enjoy the moment, or minute or hour of the current time warp.

How do you handle technology in your home? Anyone in your family caught in a “time warp”?

Image courtesy of me around my dinner table.

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