Let's get it on (where "it" means anything but what you think it does).

I had this long-winded post about what my ideal date night would be...how it would start with the beauty process of a long hot shower, with extra time spent on shaving all the hairs, and blah, blah, blah.

But really? If I'm being honest? Which I am? Because everyone knows that people are honest on the Internetz? Especially me? That sounds like the start of a horrible night. Showering? Dressing up? Make up? Going out, like, in public? Where there are people?

I hate showering (I do it for you, not me). I hate dressing up (ugh). I hate people (in general, as a group).

So my ideal date night would be me, in my favorite yoga pants and roomy t-shirt, cuddled on the couch with my husband. Netflix. Chocolate chip cookies and Ovaltine. Cheese and crackers. No make up. No fancy party dress. No shaved legs.

And the best part would be that our night would end in uninterrupted sleep, with everybody staying on their own side of the bed.

Aww yeah...that's what mama likes.

Teri Smith


"Irreverrent, funny, and brilliant." - me


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