Let's have a Toronto-area pre-BlogHer meet-up in June...who's in?

BlogHer '09 in Chicago is less than 75 days away (!!!!) and we thought it would be great to do an official BlogHer pre-conference meet-up here in Toronto. Now before you say "Oh well, I'm not going to BlogHer this year so I might as well skip this post" - DON'T! This get together is open to both people attending and not attending BlogHer '09 and heck, we just wanted an excuse to get together. Whether you're going to BlogHer or not, you like hanging out with other bloggers, right? You wouldn't be skulking around this group otherwise, right? SO COME ON DOWN.

For those unable to attend the conference this year, this is a great way to connect with local bloggers and for those (like me) who are going to BlogHer '09, this is a great opportunity to meet someone - a bunch of someones! - who will smile and wave the first time you walk into the Ballroom for the opening events. Because arriving at this conference for the first (or third in my case) (HBM note: fourth in mine!), well... it can be overwhelming (in a good way -- pinky swear!) So let's get over the awkward bits in advance! And if you can't make it to BlogHer at all this year - this event can be your awkward bits! In a good way!

We are throwing around some dates for the local Toronto get-together in early June and really could use some feedback.  We are looking at two dates in early June - either late morning/midday of June 6th or June 13th. Because our budget is *cough* on a diet, we are looking at a downtown park on the subway where we can hang out. Or if you have suggestions for venues that are free (free being key), please let us know.

And though we'd like to offer Martinis with caviar served by scantily-clad hotties, we can't -- so lower your expectations for food-and-eye-candy and concentrate on the meeting cool people, finding new blogs, and - that buzz-word - "networking."

Please let us know in the comments which date you prefer: June 6th or June 13th and if you have any venue suggestions (any and all feedback appreciated: do weekend mornings/afternoons/evenings work best? are weekdays better?)(let us know)(in the comments)(the ones right down there)


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