'Mad Men' Madness: AMC Bans Jon Hamm's Jewels

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Oh Jon Hamm, you're always good for giving new meaning to the term ham bone.

We all know by now that our good friend Jon likes to let the ham hang freely. A stroll with his lovely lady can quickly turn in to chatter for the internets for weeks.  But this week we got news that AMC has asked Jon to keep his ham restricted so he can fit in to his 1960's costumes without giving us an eyeful.

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A source recently told Confidenti@l:

“This season takes place in the 1960s, where the pants are very tight and leave little to the imagination...Jon’s impressive anatomy is so distracting that they politely insisted on underwear.”

I know what you're thinking: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US AMC??

We know that the period pieces for the 1960's aren't very loose in the manly region. But we were sure no one in the 1960's was complaining to a big shot Mad Man to put his pig back in it's pocket.  I vote we let Jon do what Jon does, after all I don't hear anyone telling Christina Hendrix she needs to put on a turtle neck.

The Daily News reports that Jon's rep has called this whole thing ridiculous and "not really funny at all." Well we'd have to disagree with him there, this is exactly the type of humor that we love to talk about!  With Mad Men returning to AMC on April 7th (two hours of Mad Men!!) this news dashes all our hopes of a Season 6 ham siting!

I'm sure there's some sort of FCC rating reason that AMC wants to deny all of us from enjoying a little extra view of Don Draper. But I think I speak for many of the ladies when I say:

[Original Photo Source: Splash News]

Mad Men Season Six premieres Sunday April 7th on AMC!

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