Lets Talk About Weiner

Carlos Danger IS Anthony Weiner. Yea, his yahoo account that he sent lewd pics from is Carlos Danger...

Now to get the disclaimer out-of-the-way. I am not against Dick Pics inherently. It is not illegal, if you are of age, to send naked pictures of yourself. I don't find it immoral either. What I am against is them sent without asking for them. I am also against leaking pictures that were not meant for the public, pictures that are sent privately and trusted with the person they are sent to.

UNFORTUNATELY, I have been a victim of Dick Spam. It's a dick move (pun intended) to send someone pics of your genitalia when they were not asked for. You are like that really creepy guy masturbating in the bushes. Did Anthony, or er...Carlos send pics when asked or creeper send them? Or were just asked for, received then he was found out that he is a public figure?

I am not sure how his marriage works, so I can't say for certain that he was "cheating", in some marriages this behaviour is tolerated, in some even accepted and understood. I feel that when one or both of the people in the marriage are in politics, the marriage works differently than marriages outside of that world. There are different demands, different pressures that we might never truly understand. Sometimes marriage is convenience, sometimes love, sometimes power and sometimes it changes meaning for both parties as the marriage grows. When a marriage changes, but those involved are honest and communicate effectively, it may look different from what we have come to expect marriage is. That doesn't mean that it is not a marriage. Marriage, and the way people interpret that, are up to those who are married. No one else.

What I am REALLY pissed at is the double standard. Even if a woman had a professional modelling career and some of her portfolio featured naked photos she would not be taken seriously in politics. It's hard enough to be taken seriously if you HAVE a vulva/vagina, never mind if you had a picture of it taken. Doesn't matter what the context was either. Men in politics can cheat, tweet, and lie. Women are not to be too much woman, or too little.

It is not the pictures that are the reason I'm upset about Weiner running for mayor. The fact is he is reckless, a tad immature, and doesn't learn from his mistakes. Yet he is still considered a great candidate for a huge powerful role. I would encourage that the conversation be less about his picture-taking, his marriage; and move to be more about his politics and character.

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