Let's Talk Bras (or lack there of)

I have a confession. 

Are you ready for this one? For the last 13 months, I've been wearing the same 5 nursing bras. 


Up until today, I hadn't convinced myself it was time to move on. But it is officially time. 

I completely forgot how nice it is to wear something feminine, comfortable, and without some kind of leak protection. Now before you begin judging, you have to know a few of the reasons why this has been a source of procrastination for me. 

First, I'm cheap. Bras are expensive; especially when you have an odd body frame. I've spent YEARS looking for bras that don't fall off my shoulders, are an accurate cup size, and don't make me feel like a granny. Let's face it. My "girls" are big even though I'm short, so even when I do finally find the perfect bra, they don't usually have it in my size. Prior to pregnancy, I had a drawer full of my favorite bras in all colors. Once I had the Little Man, I moved all my beautiful wired bras off to the side, and made room for the larger cupped, neutral-toned maternity/nursing bras. 

Which brings me to my second reason. I found awesome nursing bras! 

I took full advantage of the Mother's Gift store in Presbyterian Hospital of Plano after having the Little Man. The women who worked in this store were so wonderful to me. They provided me with a private fitting to help me find the right size, and they helped me select some great bras that fit my shape perfectly. I'll admit. I spent more on nursing bras here than I ever would have considered before, but I just knew it would be worth it. As many women do, I slept with my bra on to help with the discomfort and leakage that came with nursing. If this undergarment was going to become a part of me 24/7, I wanted to make sure they were good ones! Plus, I hope to use them in the future and didn't want to have to waste more money buying them again in a few years. 

My biggest reason for I waited so long was I didn't want to be wasteful and disappointed. That drawer full of beautiful bras that I thought would be waiting for me when I was done breastfeeding. . .They no longer fit! I kept thinking if I just waited long enough, I wouldn't need to buy anymore. I've been done with nursing for almost 5 months now, and the "girls" have no signs of going back to their original size. So the hundreds of dollars I spent on bras over the last few years are still in that drawer; just sitting there. Maybe never to be worn again. I just couldn't bare the thought of going out and spending more on bras for my current size only to have something else happen physically and that ended up being a waste too. 

So today, I finally decided I was done! I'm done feeling like a sloppy mom in my nursing bras. There's no reason to still have snaps on my straps. My maternity clothes have been packed away for months now. It's time my bras join them.  I'm ready to bring the wire back and stop dragging the floor. . . if you know what I mean. ;)

How did you handle this body change after having a baby?


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