Let's Talk Fair Food!

The fake husband and I are hitting the road this weekend and driving to the Canadian National Exhibition. I've never been to it even though I lived in Toronto for a few years. We're cashing in some hotel points for a free room just a few blocks away from the site, which is a total score because it leaves us more money for... FAIR FOOD!

Oh, how I love fair food. When I think back to the fairs of my childhood there are two treats that immediately come to mind. The first is cotton candy. I love, love, love it. Despite the fact that I don't have much of a sweet tooth, I adore candy and nothing beats cotton candy from the fair. My other love is french fries. I don't know what it was about those fair french fries but they always seemed better than the french fries I'd get anywhere else. They were hot and perfectly crisp. They also had that rare quality in a french fry of being equally good with salt and malt vinegar OR with ketchup. I think that maybe I've built them up in my mind but no fries have ever tasted as good as an adult.

Image Credit: Brent Moore on Flickr

The Ex is different thing from my old community fairs. It's the largest fair in Canada and has a long history (the first was in 1879!). While my community fairs had a few food trucks, the Ex has a food pavillion that serves foods that I hadn't even heard of as a child. (No. Seriously. I was about 12 the first time I had salsa.) I'm looking at the food vendors and I want to visit them all. How will I choose between pulled pork on a pancake and mandoo (dumplings) with dipping sauces? Or between shepherd's pie in a cone and cheese pie? Maybe I should head straight to the Bacon Nation booth and have a Jack Daniels bacon sandwich or a deep fried bacon-wrapped hotdog and a dessert of chocolate-covered bacon? Or maybe I want an apple fritter or a cupcake for dessert? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DECIDE?

It's almost too much. It makes we wish that we were going for multiple days instead of just one. We will divide and conquer, not getting the same thing as the other, we'll each visit different vendors and we'll share. I'm packing my comfortable shoes and some loose pants because while we won't be able to eat our way through the Ex, we'll certainly give it a good try.

What's your favourite fair food?

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