Let's Talk Some Trash

So it's Trashy Tuesday and  my day to organize.  I have actually had a fruitful week of de-cluttering and found it very helpful to make a list to keep me on track.  As I have mentioned in past posts, the motivation for Trashy Tuesday stems from Hoarders, this amazing show on A&E - truly the best thing for home organization and cleaning since the invention of the vacuum cleaner! Not to make light of their disorder, but it really does make me want to go into that junk drawer and just start tossing.


When Sweetpea left for school, I did an excavation of her closet floor and sitting room and unearthed four laundry baskets of good "stuff" she did not want. I took the baskets to the garage where they loomed on display five months for the whole neighborhood to see whenever I opened my garage. Mind you, they weren't lonely because there were eight other boxes of giveaways keeping them company.  It had gotten to the point of  actually having a stranger meander into my garage a few weekends back and ask when my garage sale opened.



Ironically, I was saving all that stuff for a garage sale, but I just never got around to having it. So all that junk just planted there, grew roots and sucked the air right out of the garage. With Sweetpea in college, I need all the $$$ I can get, but I am no longer going to plan for or procrastinate a garage sale - it is not worth the precious free time. Just makes more sense to give my "trash" away to someone who can make it there treasure and get it out of my way...might even get a little good karma in the process!


On another note, I received my first nasty comment for my post on Fuzzy Brain. Being relatively new to blogging (I signed up this summer but really did not get rolling until December), I was surprised that someone would take the time to write a derogatory remark. I mean seriously, it is not like Fanning Flashes is a scientific blog or directions for brain surgery...just a peek into the life of someone on the backside of a midlife crisis with a little humor on the other side. But then I remembered...a few years ago I did public affairs for a politician. He wanted to be in the newspaper everyday. It didn't matter if it was nice or not (although he did prefer the nice) just as long as the media was talking about him.  That's how I've decided to look at my naysayer.  Thanks for the comments and keep them coming...

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