A Letter To My 21 Year-Old Self

I used to look back at some of the things I did in my early twenties and cringe.  I used to wish I had been more mature or maybe not done that certain thing.  Now after my first five months of motherhood I know exactly what I would write to my twenty one year old self and here it is:

 Dear My 21 Year Old Self,

As I sit here reminiscing about my early twenties a few certain instances come to mind.  What I would tell you now thinking back on these times...

1. Remember that time that you spent an outrageous amount of money on a pair of jeans when you had a negative balance in your account?   Only you could see into the future that it would be the only time that you would look cute in that pair of jeans and have legitimate places to wear them.  You must have known that jeans now tend to have spit-up or poop on them or just plain old don't fit!  Well played self, well played.
2. Remember that time that you decided to skip a class to stay at the Country Fest you were at and just see if they really lowered your grade by a letter if you missed it?  It is true your grade did go down by a letter but you passed the class and on top of that you didn't miss a single concert over the long weekend.  You must have realized that your time at Country Festivals would be limited as this was the last one you attended (or probably ever will again). Well played self, well played.
3.  Remember that time that you dropped a class because it was too early in the morning to attend?   However, you did not drop that class you just didn't attend but you did pass and even better you got into graduate school.  This particular situation had you working on your time management skills.  You were able to prioritize your time and make a point to be at those things that were important. Well played, well played.
4. Remember that time that you took out extra student loans to go on an excellent spring break?   How did you have the foresight to know that you will never get to go on a vacation like that again and heck you have 30 years to pay back those loans! Well played self, well played.
5. Remember that time you took a cab home and had no money to pay for it so you bargained your ride home in chicken nuggets?  That experience amped up your ability to bargain and has helped you with your job advancement and bargaining skills.  Well played, well played.
6.  Remember how you would spend an hour doing your hair and makeup before going anywhere?    Little did you know but in your future you would barely get more than 5 minutes to put on any sort of make-up and doing your hair would be a pony-tail with some elastic band to keep the hair out of your face.  All that time you spent gave you a skill set that has allowed you to be able to through a little "cute" into your day now.  Well played self, well played.
7. Remember when you would waste hour upon hour sitting on a couch doing absolutely nothing productive than calling in ill to work because you just couldn't get off the couch?    You must have known that you would get absolutely no time to just sit on the couch and talk.  Your idea of sitting on the couch now is to nurse a baby, clean the ottoman in front of you or watch your television show that you DVR'd at midnight because it is the only opportunity you get to sit on the couch.  I'm so glad that you enjoyed your time because it will never be like that again.  Well played, well played.
8. Remember that time that you knew the workers in the fast food chains near your home, the ones that worked the overnight shift?  It is amazing that you knew that working on your people skills and talking so easily with strangers would help you in your future job to interact with all sorts of people.  Well played self, well played.
9.  Remember those certain classes when you would not look at one slide or one page in your book until 10 hours before the mid-term or final?  You were just perfecting your ability to work under pressure.  You built a nice solid foundation for working with deadlines and in pressure situations.  It built a nice strong base for these skills way back then.  Well played.  Well played.
10.  Remember that time that you bought a bunch of lottery tickets in hopes of getting out of graduate school?  You definitely were able to learn the art of money management.  You taught yourself the lesson of only being gambling with your money when it really matters (like over 100 million dollars).  Well played. Well played.

To conclude, you were one smart person 21 year old self.  Some days I am a bit jealous of you.  Some days I am really glad I am not you.  All of your experience laid down a nice foundation for your future endeavors.  Well played! Well played!

Your 31 year old self


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