Letter to my Daughter at One Week Old


[This is our favorite blanket and is from Carly Megan Shop.  It says "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be."  It is super soft without being too heavy, and the perfect photo prop.]   


Maddie Grace,


You've been with us for one week now and I don't see how you'll ever stop taking my breath away.  You are laying in my arms asleep right now and I just stare at you in awe.  How did I create you? You are so little and sweet and I'm pretty sure the cutest baby to have ever existed.  You make the sweetest noises as you sleep on me.  You make the cutest faces too. Sometimes you do a half smile with your mouth open that absolutely melts my heart.  Your smell is amazing.  I'm struggling with the fact that you will one day grow up because I love you so much just the way you are right now.   You've already grown a lot in one week, outgrowing your newborn sized clothes.  You are very strong and look like you are trying to crawl already when we do tummy time.

You love to cuddle with with mama and daddy.  You love your wubbanub, and going for walks in the stroller.  We gave you your first real bath today and you didn't seem to hate it.  I didn't even want to nurse you at first and only tried it because of the health benefits, and I almost gave up several times, but now I love it because of the special time we get to spend together and the extra cuddles I get from you.  You like to stay up late and be fussy at wee hours, and sometimes I get frustrated when I can't figure out why you are crying and I want to sleep so badly.  But then you fall asleep in my arms and I know that all the work is worth it for you.  

I love being your mommy so much and am excited to watch you grow up and see what you become in life, but I hope you do so slowly so I can enjoy every minute I have with you.  


I'll love you forever,




And now, of course, some pictures:

[Our first Easter as a family of 3.  My dad came to visit and I loved the time we were able to spend together and watching him hold Maddie.] 

[Another one of Maddie's favorites - her mamaroo swing from 4moms.] 

[Maddie Grace after her first real bath.  Please ignore my nails, I claim having a newborn as an excuse.] 

[She absolutely loves cuddles with daddy.] 

[She's way cool.  Headband by me, sunglasses from Pottery Barn Kids.]