Letter to my Father, learning how to express myself; to another Human; A Primary relationship! Putting words out there...

Love you too! I am really starting to like this whole internet thingy.... lol!

So many buttons at first, but then you start to memorize them. Then if your smart, you'll soon figure out how to organize, and find things AT LIGHTNING SPEED!!!!! Making folders, sending attachments, blah blah blah etc.... I have to admit that I did look up how to read an URL, which is the way I roll (running before I can walk,) and realized that I can read it. So I started making my own search's by starting with protocol://computer.domain.name/pathname/ and so on..... :) some weird stuff I came across, but so much more fun when your bored; just using google or bing!

Anyways, as usual I'm procrastinating with algebra homework...

I don't honestly know if I will pass the last three classes I have left this semester (according to the grading outlines designed by the faculty,) but I have already acknowledged the loan/to what I've learned ratio is WELL WORTH THE MONEY SPENT! It's just that I have such a hard time staying focused. I feel like I don't grasp algebra, but I taught myself how to mathematically decode 8 bit binary code.... I was bored today in class, so I started writing code down while we where watching a video about the death penalty in sociology class *I already have my own opinion, so I was doodling*.... I started on 32 bit code; got one line written, and said "whoooooaaa there Winger," back up.... You gotta do a crap load of algebra.... "GET STARTED ON THAT YA IDIOT!" ..... Please don't misunderstand this.... IT IS NOT, THAT I AM NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT IS BEING TOLD, OR EXPRESSED BY MY TEACHERS. I just can't move on from something that is not answered. Example would be: 8(x+2)= 8x+16. But from here I can mentally see where X intercept should be technically be graphed and so on.... Why does he make us stop? He only wants the one answer, but I can not shut it down there, without feeling like I would be at a disadvantage if I didn't know how the story ended....          I DID EXACTLY WHAT YOU SUGGESTED AND TALK WITH MY TEACHERS ALMOST DAILY! I finally got a chance to visit with my Sociology teacher this morning; after I painstakingly made it clear that we needed to talk; (he confided very early this semester that he doesn't care to get to know us individually,) and let me ask questions.... *which I really enjoyed, because I think I found out some weird stuff I truly believe in (affirmation,) but * know where Mr. Masterson is coming from when he lectures. He is OLD SCHOOL! Also, very opinionated, and maybe a little bit racist... But aren't we all?? To some extent, unnoticeable to the formal norms, but deep down engraved.... think about this one ;)


So here I will part, love you very much Father. Your one of a kind and I totally understand and APPRECIATE THAT! You've been a huge influence on my life to a point that when I get 

Alzheimer's disease I will still talk about you :)

Levi Winger....


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