Letter to my Heart: And I will try, too

Be not afraid, my heart
You are rich, thicker than you think
with cords of red and purple velvet support
they will not bind you
are there to cushion,
should you let them

You are not made of construction paper
cut neatly with plastic scissors along the arc
You are not sugarwafer
Nor stamped with a message to advertise
impressing on your organs and your soul

Be generous and not threatened
There’s more, not less of you each day
and with each opening you allow
the pulsing , bulbous rhythm
of contract
and release
is your syncopation. your melody and song.
you decide if there is harmony

Remember the hurts less
the loves more
It is within your choosing.

But forgive yourself
the scars that are left behind
especially the Big One
a break, a rip, tearing organs and passages and chambers,
at a time you were most fragile,
not girl still nor woman yet, twelve,
when you had only childlike ways to heal
and so you did, paste and staple back together
and it was hard
and messy
in ways that make breathing and beating
sometimes feel strained now.
You had no other tools, then.

but you are not fixed
you can grow, reshape, refeel, remold
or not mold at all, leaving room
for the stretching you have yet to do

Be patient with those who want to reach you
Be loving and open, forgiving
willing to change and to feel and believe
the good that befalls you

And I will try, too.


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