a letter to my kids about anxiety

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Le Musings of Moi

It begins like this:

Before I explain things to you, know that I love you.  Beyond words.  I love you that much.  And it is because I love you both that I need you to know that I am not perfect.  And sometimes my imperfections may hurt you.  Sometimes you'll think that what I struggle with has something to do with you, and you'll wish things were different.  And trust me.  So do I.  
So do I.
Every single one of us in this world has a struggle.  We all have something that we have to continually work and fight against.  And mine?  Happens to be longer than I'd like moments of anxiety and sadness. It comes without warning, and goes just the same.  And it's not because I don't love God enough, because I do.  I love him and have given him my whole heart and soul.  It's just my struggle.  For now.  My cross to bear.